Zoom on Miramas, Zero Waste Pilot City

Since 2010, Miramas has been committed to promoting sustainable development, to the point that in 2014, the city received the “Zero Waste Territory” label from the French government, thus becoming—alongside Roubaix—a “pilot city”. More than just a simple award, this label imposes upon the town a political, ethical, and civic responsibility, and represents the town’s commitment to the future.

“Zero Waste” objective? More than just an ideal, it’s reality in motion

To fight against food waste, to change behavior, to favor circular economies and the bi-waste branch. At Miramas, Zero Waste is not merely an ideal to be attained: it has become a way of life.

A Label to accelerate civic innovations

Under the unifying impulse of the municipality, the “Zero Waste Territory” label is a wonderful accelerator for civic innovations: there’s a multitude of examples of families, merchants, business managers, associations and schools that have helped change mentalities and practices in Miramas.

The Agenda 21 to help guide initiatives

Saving energy, waste management, banning of pesticides, etc. The 21 Agenda, in place in Miramas since 2010, is a set of specifications respected by the city, even within the heart of the municipality itself:

  • Dematerialized municipal documents, a fleet of electric vehicles, a zero pesticides charter for public areas, 250 agents trained in “zero waste”, etc.
  • The use of high-profile events, such as Nature en Fête, the Assises du Développement Durable (Sustainable Development Forum), l’Art de Noël, Nuits Métis, as vectors of strong pedagogical and eco-responsible messages, from their inception to their implementation (eco-cups, dry latrines, selective sorting, banning of plastic or disposable solutions, responsible animations, etc.)  

Eco-citizen entrepreneurs to boost the economy

Act to incite and accompany local actors in a new, green economy, that includes economical benefits, training, and jobs.  Such is the virtuous circle that Miramas is driving, to promote a circular economy around the reuse of waste. And initial results are very promising: in less than 3 years, more than 30 jobs have been created within or reoriented towards this branch (reduction, reuse, recycling, etc.)

CAP Zéro gaspillage, supporting an up-and-coming branch

Favor local re-employment, initiate a professional-waste branch, recover electric and electronic waste, sort and collect bio-waste as its source, mutualize equipment—such are just a few of the objectives of the territorial pole for economical cooperation, CAP Zero Gaspillage, created by the city.

Players in the Social and Supportive Economy, collectivities, associations, and businesses, have all come together to act as one for their future. This was enough to convince the Mayor, Frédéric Vigouroux : “These actions are not just the latest trend.  They are a model for development that encourages local employment, the reuse of waste as raw material, and the improvement of life for the inhabitants by protecting the environment.”

Family and Merchant Challenge

In 2016, the city launched a quantifiable challenge for families and merchants in Miramas: to significantly reduce their waste production, and proposed a series of actions to help reach these goals: buy and sell better, while simultaneously reusing waste, buying local, avoiding over-wrapping, favoring sale of loose items…

In 2016, dozens of motivated families and merchants took on this challenge and cut their waste by 50%! In 2017, approximately one hundred families and merchants have accepted this challenge

Committed members of associations

Dozens of associations from such varied fields as culture, sports, social insertion, recycling, etc., are mobilized for the zero waste movement. They’re supported either by the city’s policies or by the Fonds d’aide aux initiatives écologiques et responsables (Ecological and Responsible Initiatives Help Fund), initiated by the Mayor in 2015.


For more information:  Véronique ARFI, Manager of the Zero Waste program, at 04 90 58 79 78 or