Citizens, families or the simply curious

Saturday, November 25th : this day is for you!

Discover and learn all the good practices in the presence of communities, families, traders or entrepreneurs who have dared to take on the "zero waste" challenge!

Participate in the numerous workshops, animations, screenings, exhibitions and conferences-debates around the winning eco-citizen approaches

Enrich yourself with inspiring testimonials, initiatives to be replicated and good practices .. that you can spread immoderately!



A host of citizen initiatives to enjoy!

Program organized in partnership with the Media Library and the Art Library of Miramas

  • Citizens, families, curious individuals: come discover and learn “the right thing to do” in the presence of the communities, families, merchants or entrepreneurs who have dared to take on the "zero waste" challenge.
  • Stroll through an eco-responsible marketplace and take part in workshops, events, screenings, exhibitions and conferences / debates centered on inspiring civic initiatives.
  • Sign up for the outstanding Closing Conference of the "International Zero Waste Meeting” in the presence of Bea Johnson, the “Zero Waste Pope"!
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All day

The "zero waste" movement has invested our culture: change in behavior, new trades, common sense, cooperation, responsibility and commitment. This day aims to welcome and inform the public about as many civic initiatives as possible--from here and from elsewhere--to move towards a “zero waste” lifestyle, or to simply learn more about the initiative.


​In front of the Media Library

Eco-responsible market: Discover the village of committed traders. Buy and consume responsibly! Food trucks on site

The Centaur's Theater: Let yourself be surprised by unexpected appearances during your stroll through the eco-friendly market!


Médiathèque and Artothèque (Media and Art Libraries)

Feedback on international experiences throughout the day at the Language and Literature pole: Brazil, Canada, Spain, etc.

Mini-conferences: testimonials of 5 to 30 minutes, from children, families, citizens, merchants, businesses and corporations involved in the "zero waste" movement. 

Among them:

  • Imprimerie Vallière
  • Au palais des fleurs
  • Mc Donald’s
  • Coiffeur esthétique l’exotisme
  • Guillaume Thébault, Réalisateur de « Futur d’espoir »
  • Orange
  • Fleuriste Artistik Liberté
  • Terradona
  • Pâtisserie Argiolas
  • Salon en Transition
  • Mira ménager
  • Guy coiffure
  • Institut Ecocitoyen pour la connaissance des pollutions
  • Pharmacie les Molières
  • Cafétéria le Vanille
  • Pharmacie Toscano
  • À trois pas d’ici


Practical workshops

  • culinary: preparation of “zero waste” recipes
  • Sewing: Hemming, repairing and customizing clothes
  • Repair café: Reparation of electronic equipment, appliances and bicycles
  • Manufacture of cosmetics and household products: Recipes using natural ingredients
  • Basket sort: Game centered around recycling household waste
  • Autopsy of a garbage can: Analysis to better understand how to sort one’s waste
  • “Eco-citizenship” Brainstorming: Brainstorming workshop
  • Compost: Introduction to different composting techniques
  • Experimentation: Understanding compost through science
  • Furoshiki manufacturing: Japanese packaging art with a scarf
  • Tawashi manufacturing: Fabric weaving to create ecological sponges
  • Recycl'Art : Fabrication of decorative objects from recovered materials
  • Manufacturing of musical instruments: from recovered materials
  • Book donations and manufacturing of cross booking
  • Strip Art Magazine: transforming old magazines into creative arts


Presence of the bookshop Alinéa, with the sale of works related to the theme of the event

10 a.m. and 2 p.m.




Come and test with family and friends your knowledge of
-the zero waste
-food waste


Auditorium - Free admission

11 a.m. and 3 p.m


11 a.m

« Waste as Art »

Reflections upon and presentation of the works of visual artist Keita Mori 

by Beatrice BEHA, Director of the Art Library 

Exhibition room – Art Library


3 p.m.

" Endocrine disruptors, tiny burglars of the intimate sphere" 

within the framework of Media health appointments,

by Stéphane HOREL journalist 



11 a.m.

Special for teenagers

11 a.m.

"How can oils boost my memory, my mood, my academic results?"   

by Martine COTINAT, gastroenterologist, hepatologist, nutritionist and writer,

followed by "Sexual health of young people" 

by Béatrice VERMEULEN, gynecologist, obstetrician, homeopath, aroma-therapist




5 p.m.


5 p.m. 

Storytelling:  "Murmurs of bark and song of agony of the plastic bag

by Sylvie Vieville, storyteller and Didier Lionnet, musician . 

Ages 8 and up



10 a.m. – 6 p.m.



by Keita Mori 


When contemporary art sublimates the fragility of modern society: collaborative work to weave a link from unspun woolen threads, in the presence of Keïta MORI, exceptional Japanese visual artist and invited guest of the Art Library.  Don’t forget your woolen sweater to fit into the collective work! 


Showroom - Art library - Free entry

Starting 7 p.m.


"My Zero Waste life, or the art of disengagement"  

By Béa Johnson, speaker and author of the book  “Zero Waste”


Discover the experience of Bea Johnson and how her testimony has launched a global movement, inspiring thousands of people in the world to live simply and reduce their household waste.



in the presence of Zero Waste France 

Théatre de la Colonne  – Registration required

Béa Johnson
Zero Waste Specialist

Béa Johnson and her family have eliminated the trash from their daily life since 2008: their annual waste contains in a jar of half a liter. Thanks to his blog, and his bestseller, Zero Waste (18 languages), Béa launched a global movement. It continues to inspire a growing community to simply live and radically reduce waste with the application of 5 rules: Deny, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost. It breaks any preconceived idea, proving that Zero Waste can not only be beautiful, but also improve health and save time and money. She has been awarded international conferences on various works councils, universities, trade shows, and organizations such as Google, Pixar, Adobe, Cirque du Soleil, the European Parliament, and the UN (190+ conferences in 30+ countries on 6 continents). It responds to unceasing media interest and has appeared in print and broadcast media around the world. Passionate and optimistic, she became the world's spokesperson or nicknamed the New York Times, "the popess", of the ZéroDéchet way of life. Originally from the South of France, she now lives in California.